Random Acts of Kindness

Spreading seeds

Have you noticed how the world’s message today is “take, take, take”? People are actively concerned about their rights, fairness (only if they come out best) and justice (only if the verdict is in their favour). 

Maybe I am exaggerating a little!

I’m going to suggest something that is counterculture.  Instead of taking today, why not give something of yourself to another and not expect anything in return?

How did that suggestion make you feel?  Scared? Excited? Did you question my sanity!?  Did you think that “Maybe I could do it?”

“What are the benefits to me?” you cry.  (See, it’s difficult to shake off the world’s way isn’t it?) 

Firstly, don’t expect to get anything back.  Do it because you want to give.  Do it with a generous heart, and when you lay down the need for a return, you will find that you have been blessed.  Secondly, the benefits to the giver vary from person to person.  There is no way of knowing how you will benefit, or change.

So, what can you do?  That’s difficult to detail because you are in the situation and I am not, but opportunities do present themselves.  Here’s what I have done…..

  • Given away my loyalty points at the supermarket till to the person immediately behind me in the queue
  • Bought someone a cup of coffee or tea
  • Given my supermarket trolley (for which I have paid a £1) to another, without reclaiming my money back

I would love to hear what you do, or what you try and how you have benefitted.  Please comment below as I would love to hear what generous people out there are doing.

About katehobbs

Mother to two who are now independant and living away from home. Wife to Steve, for the last 26yrs and looking forward to many more years. I have enjoyed 18 months in the Okanagan, something that I have longed to have the opportunity to do for a while. Living a dream, you could say. Now, I am interning with Living Waters Canada based in Vancouver until end of April 2013. I love to grow my own food - it tastes so much better. I also build up, train and encourage others to achieve more than they thought possible.
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