What can I do? Do something…..


We all have a responsiblity to "do something".

Being a Twitter user, I come across some really wonderful comments, links and posts.  Today, I read The Tanzania Blog Project by Problogger.

I was particularly struck by the post entitled “30 years of waiting…. almost over.” It was heartbreaking to read.  Here are women, in the 21st century, who are suffering considerably from a medical condition, as a result of child-birth, that can so easily be resolved with basic surgery.

In the UK and in other areas of the first world, we take our health and well-being for granted.  Yet in the two-thirds world, basic health and hygiene is a struggle for many.  Poverty strips them of any dignity.

We need to do more for our “neighbours”.  At a time when governments are only concerned in ensuring their survival – it would seem – by slashing international aid, but bailing out banks, the “common man” needs to make a noise, and be active in the defence of the poor, the outcast and the down trodden – wherever they are.

The ultimate question has to be “What can I do?”  The problems seem insurmountable.  If I were to give you a long list, then this blog post would take weeks to write.  However, consider where your skills lie.  Can you serve? Can you advocate?  Can you lobby members of your government?  Can you stand up against debt and “vulture funds”?  Can you go and visit other countries?  Look hard enough, you will find that there is work just for you – and me.

Here are a few ideas:

The Susa City Tours: Organised in partnership with Christians in Politics and leading organisations including EA, CARE, Premier, and Salvation Army, the tour will bring together top Christian politicians and activists from across the political spectrum.

Mary’s Meals: Mary’s Meals is an international movement to set up school feeding projects in communities where poverty and hunger prevent children from gaining an education.

Comic Relief: is a major charity based in the UK which strives to create a just world free from poverty – working 365 days a year to help that vision become a reality. Their mission is to drive positive change through the power of entertainment.

So, in answer to the question…..  “Do something.”

About katehobbs

Mother to two who are now independant and living away from home. Wife to Steve, for the last 26yrs and looking forward to many more years. I have enjoyed 18 months in the Okanagan, something that I have longed to have the opportunity to do for a while. Living a dream, you could say. Now, I am interning with Living Waters Canada based in Vancouver until end of April 2013. I love to grow my own food - it tastes so much better. I also build up, train and encourage others to achieve more than they thought possible.
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