Freedom: Live with gratitude


Freedom means.......

As I write this, I see Mel Gibson on the big screen screaming “Freedom”.  You know it too I’m sure.  Freedom can mean so many things to so many people.  I can’t speak for you but here is a small take on this global subject:

Freedom can mean:

  • No poverty
  • Enough food for everyone
  • Sharing of possessions
  • No work!
  • Being in the open air
  • No debt
  • Good health

To me, freedom means:

  • spending time with my husband and family
  • able to practice my faith in peace and security
  • the ability to take a holiday/break when I want to
  • enough money in the bank to be able to give some away and still pay my bills and commitments
  • being outside and loving nature/creation and the health to enjoy it
  • growing my fruit and veg

It is good to recognise that I have freedom.  I don’t always appreciate it because there is a tendency to become complacent.  I often imprison myself because I don’t realise what I have.  I can often live with a “spirit of poverty” because I am not operating out of gratitude.

Today, I am grateful for my husband, for my life in the UK, for my family, for the opportunities that present themselves to me every day.  I am also grateful for you – you readers who visit this blog and comment on my posts.  Thank you so much.

What does FREEDOM mean to you?

What are you grateful for today?

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About katehobbs

Mother to two who are now independant and living away from home. Wife to Steve, for the last 26yrs and looking forward to many more years. I have enjoyed 18 months in the Okanagan, something that I have longed to have the opportunity to do for a while. Living a dream, you could say. Now, I am interning with Living Waters Canada based in Vancouver until end of April 2013. I love to grow my own food - it tastes so much better. I also build up, train and encourage others to achieve more than they thought possible.
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2 Responses to Freedom: Live with gratitude

  1. Hi Kate,
    Whenever I’m feeling somewhat down, I can almost without exception track it back to feeling my freedom has been curtailed in some fashion. Whenever I contemplate freedom and all the choices available to me, I immediately experience an emotional uplift. To me, that is the basis and effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy – empowering people to have different perspectives and paradigms about the experiences they have labeled issues in their lives.

    • katehobbs says:

      Hi Riley
      Thank you for taking the time to comment here. Isn’t it wonderful that people do have different perspectives about things? It’s great to be able to respect those differences without loosing friends.

      Everyone has the desire to be free. I think that most of it is because we are unsatisfied with our lot. But one could ask why there is disatisfaction? I think there is an inbuilt knowledge that there is more “out there”. It is an instinct that can be healthy for us – because it leads us on, keeps us moving forward, works with our enquiring mind. However, it can be unhealthy if the mind moves away from good, healthy risk-taking to wishful thinking and unrealistic dreaming. The only result will be unfulfilled lives leading to sadness, bitterness and possibly depression.
      This is where wise counsel comes in, and CBT. There are wonderful skills out there that can be utilised to help people see what is possible and to “go for it”.

      As always, thanks Riley.

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