What you do in Private affects what you do in Public

Forgive me.  I’m just about to have a little rant!!!!

I read this article on the BBC website today entitled “Kitten theft case: ‘I’m no role model’ says MP Hemming”

The article, and others linked to this whole story, tells of an estranged wife who ‘kidnapped’ a kitten from her husband’s lover’s home.  The husband, John Hemming, a city Member of Parliament, admits that he has had many extra-marital relationships.

John Hemming “claims his private life has no impact on his role as an MP” and “I really don’t think [people] should be voting for members of Parliament on their abilities to be role models of rectitude.


I had to look up “rectitude” but the definition covers ‘moral integrity’ and ‘the state of being correct in judgement/procedure’.

His private life screams that he is incapable of committing to things; he is untrustworthy as he doesn’t speak truth; he has dubious character.  Do you think that his private life might actually tells us something about how he could act in public?  I do.

Therefore, I would seriously question John Hemming’s claim.  He is in denial.

And yes, I want to be able to vote for someone who will stand up for what is right and this man obviously doesn’t think that it is necessary in politics.  If such people are putting themselves forward for political positions and we are voting for such MPs in the UK, then British politics and the country in general is in serious trouble.

Rant over…….


About katehobbs

Mother to two who are now independant and living away from home. Wife to Steve, for the last 26yrs and looking forward to many more years. I have enjoyed 18 months in the Okanagan, something that I have longed to have the opportunity to do for a while. Living a dream, you could say. Now, I am interning with Living Waters Canada based in Vancouver until end of April 2013. I love to grow my own food - it tastes so much better. I also build up, train and encourage others to achieve more than they thought possible.
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2 Responses to What you do in Private affects what you do in Public

  1. Ula says:

    I agree Kate. A real leader realizes that private and public lives can’t be separated. Incidentally, I read the following this morning, before reading your post:

    “Samuel’s [the prophet] honesty and personal integrity permeated every area of his life. These two characteristics directed how he regarded his possessions, his business dealings and his treatment of those who were weaker than himself. Samuel held himself accountable to the people he led. He opened himself up to the scrutiny of everyone with whom he had ever had dealings. As a result of this practice, Samuel’s leadership has become legendary as this story has been told and retold throughout the centuries. Samuel’s example calls each of us to hold to this same standard of integrity. Whatever your leadership responsibilities, whether you’re in charge of a multi-million-dollar business or a two-year-old child, manage your affairs with honesty. Let your personal commitment to integrity show in what you do during the day, every day. As you do so, you’ll become a leader whom others will eagerly follow.” (from the Bible Inspired Leader)

    I think you see much deeper than many people. If a person is able to be unfaithful in marital matters, he is certainly capable of being unfaithful in many other matters since you have to be a good liar to hide an affair. Thanks. I found your post very insightful.

    • katehobbs says:

      Hi Ula
      Thank you very much for your comment, and for the article that you read today. I love how the Bible has already given us brilliant examples of people who knew how to live life well, and to the full – and the call that challenges us daily to do the same. Integrity, whether positive or negative, is one of the major indicators as to a leader’s character.
      Watchwords for a leader: Integrity, Truth, Humility and Vulnerability.

      Regards, Ula

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